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Green Health Watch Magazine 45 - the current edition

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A more detailed resumé of edition 45's contents

how taking vitamin D3 supplements increased vitamin D3 levels and the
anti-rickets properties of Mum's breast milk

Flublock, the first vaccine to contain genetically-modified ingredients




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© 2003

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Osteo-trace bone food

Osteo-trace contains fifteen substances essential to healthy bones. It was developed by Dr. Rex Newnham after extensive research led him to draw a possible link between low levels of boron in the soil and raised levels of rheumatoid arthritis in the populations that lived in those areas.
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1 pot - £9.99 + £2.35 UK p&p
Two pots - £19.98 + £2.35 UK p&p

Three pots - £29.97 + £2.35 UK p&p
(recommended trial course)


Read more about boron

Vitamin D 1000 i.u. capsules x 250

Taking a vitamin D supplement is essential if you live in Northern Europe. There is no practical food alternative to a vitamin D supplement. A vitamin D supplement makes up for the absence of sufficiently strong sunlight from September to April.
Adequate levels of vitamin D, specifically vitamin D3, are essential to many body functions. This is why, taking all of the latest research into account, for good health ...

  • Dr. John Cannell of The Vitamin D Council, recommends a daily supplement of 2,000 international units (iu) but takes 3,000iu a day himself between September and April
  • Top vitamin D researcher Dr. Robert Heaney of Creighton University in Omaha (US) warns that around a fifth of the population may need more

The US Government states that 2,000iu a day is safe for all adults (children - 1,000iu) in normal health to take without a doctor’s supervision.

If you are buying vitamin D3 for your own personal use only we recommend that you only buy one tub. The 250 1,000iu capsules it contains are intended to provide a four month course of 2,000iu a day. Vitamin D3 has a relatively short shelf life.
Read more about vitamin D3
One pot
£13.00 + £4 UK p&p BUY NOW

© 2003 The Aqua Vortex Liquid Energiser

The Aqua Vortex Liquid Energiser uses vortex energy to re-enliven water and other liquids. Pouring liquids through a vortex harnesses natural energies to re-enliven them, providing a powerful, health-giving drink.
Comes with a handy plastic funnel.
Click here for more details.
£15 + £2 UK p&p BUY NOW

Cell Sensor EMF Detection Unit

Worried about the dangers of electrical fields in the house from electrical/electronic devices or electric wiring? Or whether your house is being radiated by an electricity substation?

Click here for more details.
£30.00 + £4 UK p&p BUY NOW

Citra Solv Super-Concentrated Natural Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Artwork Genie

Citra-Solv is a super-concentrated natural, biodegradable multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser made from orange and coconut ingredients (a renewable resource). It cleans away your toughest stains while filling your home with a sweet, juicy and delightfully effervescent Valencia orange fragrance.

It can also be used to transform printed artwork into unpredictable and sometimes beautiful images that can be applied to paper, vellum, acetate, faux suede, metal, fabric and more!

Click here for more details.
One 8 fl. oz./236ml bottle £9.00 + £4 UK p&p BUY NOW
Two 8 fl. oz./236ml bottle £14.00 + £4 UK p&p BUY NOW













































































































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