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What our subscribers say about the magazine ...

The best and most informative magazine on Health and the Environment
in existence - LN, Carmarthen.

An excellent source of information that I do not find anywhere else - Dr. E.N., Cambridge.

It’s a mine of information - helps us to make informed decisions and
to keep fighting back - A.R., Dorchester.

Superb broad spectrum information. If I was able to subscribe to only one publication
it would be this one - S.D., Chipping Norton.

An absolutely first class publication ... up-to-the-minute news items covering all the important issues
relevant to the environment ... excellent value for money - P.B., Belper.

Grand stuff! Keep going! - B.G., London.

Excellent! I wish more people knew about it - M.N., Matlock.

Exactly what is required to gain an overall picture without having to read the
many specialist publications - M.B., Grange-over-Sands.

I love it! Keep up the wonderful work! - R.M., Miami, United States.

Congratulations on a beautifully produced extremely informative
and valuable publication - M.G., New Ross, Ireland.

Fascinating and very helpful - G.S., Ringwood.

We find it a very useful survey of interesting facts and ammunition
for our newsletter - C.R., Chard.

Fantastic. Keep going - F.C., Farnham.

It performs an invaluable service whereby subscribers benefit immediately and the
whole community could benefit likewise. The new Health Secretary should read it - A.C., Poole.

Nothing but praise, an excellent publication - Dr. G.D., Taunton.

Gripping. Love the editorial comments! - R.S., London.

Extremely good. I appreciate how hard it would be to find this
information on my own - C.K., Barnsley.

Vital reading. We are grateful to have found it - N.H., Stroud.

Informative about matters I would not otherwise hear about - B.R., Luton.

Well researched and very informative. It brings together research from
a wide range of sources - F.H., London.

Essential reading, a good balance between positive and negative with just enough positive to preserve
some optimism. Thank you for all your hard work - Y.L., Helston.

Your magazine has opened my eyes to what is happening in the world - M.F., Glasgow, Scotland.

Excellent value for money and well researched - D.B., York.

I have passed it on to my M.P. - E.C., Cowes.

Extremely useful in discussions and lectures - Dr. T. de D., Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Excellent. I feel more informed in a wide range of issues. Long may you exist - you are
most important - Mr. & Mrs. P.S., Freshwater.

Well planned. Easy to read. A wide range of topics - D.R., Letchworth.

An inspiration. Everyone should be reading it. There’s so much to learn
that we’re not told about - P.A., Glasgow, Scotland.

A very important, informative up-to-date publication. Reader-friendly format - H.W., Forest Row.

Keep up the great work. It’s wonderful to have someone else find
all the literature and present it so concisely - Dr. H.W., Bilston.

Lifts the curtain on the skullduggery going on in Industry and Medicine - M.C., Maidenhead.

I like the way you give addresses and ideas for positive action - A.W., Ruislip.

Best read of the year - D.W., Helensburgh, Scotland.

It provides a good digest of interesting information - C.W., Marlborough.

Useful to take to my consultant when discussing the many destructive influences
which go together to make my M.E. worse - J.W., London.

Excellent! Keep going! - M.F., Wallbach, Switzerland.

An excellent magazine - I.N., Hove.

You do an excellent job - M.M., Solihull.

It’s great - S.S., Forest Row.

Very interesting and helpful - W.G., Cupar, Scotland.

Dear Editors, Thank you for your great efforts - J.D., London.

It is extremely informative. The facts are truly staggering! - Y.S., London.

It is extremely well done and of the highest quality - E.G., Richmond.

Great! - G.B., Gerrards Cross.

An excellent way of keeping up with current issues. I pass on your information to others - M.T., Colchester.

Essential reading for those who care about the world’s effects on all of us.
It is hardly possible to exagerate its value - A.A., Crowborough.

We need this information - P.H., London.

It’s superb. Highly professional layout and intelligent selection of items and information.
A major contribution. Your magazine is read from cover to cover as soon as it’s received - R.Z., Reading.

Thank you so much for all the good work you are doing - J.B., Canterbury.

An excellent source of information - Dr. O.B., Guildford.

Excellent, informative - S.M., Brixham. I get a tremendous amount of mail but
the arrival of Environment & Health News is special. I invariably read it in one sitting. In my opinion it ranks as one of the best
productions around. I congratulate you on the format and consistency. Ten out of ten - J.J;

Very interesting and enlightening - H.O., Farnham.

A valuable scan of information. Worth every penny - M.W., Barnet.

Your magazxine is very informative. I am often quite shocked at what I read.
However, I feel I have a right to this news and am glad people like you publish this information. It is very necessary - W.B., Bristol.

GHW is as valuable to me as a medical handbook - Dr. D.R. London.

Green Health Watch is the best publication I subscribe to. I would be happy to support
your work in any way I can - Dr A.B., Scharmer, Netherlands.

I enclose a donation of £500 to further support your excellent work. I do not have or want a computer. You keep me up to date
and I thoroughly read every page. May you go from strength to strength - M.S.,Isle of Skye.

I enjoy and learn from your magazine - Dr. David Ryde, London.