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The two triply essential fatty acids - The Peskin Hypothesis

    Brian Peskin's hypothesis concerning the two triply essential fatty acids and their central role in human health

The two triply essential fatty acids may reverse ageing

    The Iowa Studies found improved elasticity of the artery wall

The two triply essential fatty acids for humans - The best sources

    are organically-grown, unprocessed, raw nuts and seeds, and cold-pressed oils from those raw nuts and seeds, where the temperature during pressing never rose above 49 degrees C/120 degrees F

The two triply essential fatty acids reduced carbohydrate cravings

    The Ferrara Study reported: reduced carbohydrate cravings; increased energy and alertness; reduced weight

The two triply essential fatty acids - How much do we need?

    Brian Peskin recommends that American adults weighing between 120 and 150 US pounds (54-68 kilograms) take at least three grams (three-quarters of a teaspoonful) daily of a mix of triply essential fatty acids with an omega-6:omega-3 ratio of between 1:1 and 2.5:1

The two triply essential fatty acids - What omega-6:omega-3 ALA ratios does the body need?

    Different organs in the body require different mixes (ratios) of omega-6 EFAs to omega-3 EFAs to function properly. Overall the body needs much more omega-6 than omega-3

Triply essential versus 'derivative' fatty acids

    Doubly or triply essential fatty acids are fatty acids which the human body cannot make and has to obtain by eating other animals, plants and animal and plant products. DFAs have been 'derived' from doubly or triply essential fatty acids by plants and animals for specific purposes. They are as important as the two doubly/triply essential fatty acids

Essential fatty acids - contra-indications

    Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are natural anti-coagulants. People who are haemophiliac, undergoing surgery or taking anti-coagulant drugs (including aspirin, heparin and warfarin), should have their coagulation status monitored when actively building up their EFA levels, etc.


Dr. Otto Warburg

    Dr. Otto Warburg (1883-1970) was a doctor of chemistry, a doctor of medicine and a physiologist who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology of Medicine in 1931. He hypothesised that a healthy cell begins to turn into a cancer cell when it and/or its mitochondria (energy-producing cells) regularly diffuse (draws in) too little oxygen from the bloodstream

The case against getting your omega-3 fatty acids from fish oils

    Brian Peskin advises that (i) it is dangerously high in omega-3 and (ii) the omega-3 it contains is principally 'derivative'.

Scottish farmed salmon omega-3 levels halved. So what?

    In October 2016 BBC News flagged up that the average omega-3 essential fatty acid content of salmon grown in Scotland’s salmon farms had halved over the last five years

Breast cancer and oxygen deficiency - a hypothesis

    In the 1950s, Dr. Otto Warburg discovered that inadequate levels of oxygen in tissue cells increased their risk of becoming cancerous

Brian Peskin's career in applied academics

    Brian Peskin is the master nutritional analyst with a degree in electrical engineering who is convinced by:

    - Dr. Otto Warburg’s hypotheses on cell oxygenation and cancer and the central role of the cell membrane

    - others’ hypotheses on the role of pristine, vibrant, (what we call ‘triply essential’) linoleic acid (LA) and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) in every cell membrane

Essential fatty acids - the view from Paul Pitchford

    "Since the use of vegetables is so widespread, it would seem that a lack of EFAs would seldom occur, but many oils contain rancid forms of these fatty acids ... As polyunsaturated oils oxidise and become progressively rancid they create free radicals in the body, which foster ageing and weaken immunity."

Why doubly and triply essential fatty acids?

    Within the fields of academic biology, medicine and nutrition the adjective ‘essential’ is used in three different ways

Doubly and triply essential minerals, vitamins and amino acids

    The process of flagging up some fatty acids as 'doubly essential' or 'triply essential' because of their importance for our health is often applied to other foods and nutrients, including mineral and vitamins

ZZZZZZZTwo fatty acids - omega-6 linoleic acid (LA) and omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) are zzzzzzzzconsidered triply essential in that they are:

  • essential in the sense we cannot do without them if we want to achieve good health
  • essential (the word as used in medicine, nutrition and biology to indicate that the substance cannot be made by the human body so has to be obtained from foods

Most fatty acids prescribed by doctors or bought over the counter are damaged, diminished, polluted products that may help you to some extent, but you really need to get 'back to source' - organically-grown plants and seeds - and cold-press and blend your own LA/ALA fatty acid mix. In this way you will be providing your body with the full healing potential of these fatty acids because they will also be:

, i.e. 'in their original state', 'undamaged', 'untainted', 'undiminished' (organically-grown to both maximise nutrient levels and minimise toxic chemical pesticide and fertiliser residues)


doubly raw (i) uncooked, and (ii) not having been exposed to temperatures exceeding 49 degrees Centigrade/120 degrees Fahrenheit during processing, in order to minimise damage to nutrients)

- truly triply essential.

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