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A long and healthy life
Triply essential versus 'derivative' fatty acids

Fatty acids come in two forms:

Doubly or triply essential fatty acids are fatty acids which the human body cannot make and has to obtain by eating other animals, plants and animal and plant products. The omega-6 doubly/triply essential fatty acid is linoleic acid (LA).
The omega-3 doubly/triply essential fatty acid is alpha-linolenic acid (ALA).

DFAs have been 'derived' from doubly or triply essential fatty acids by plants and animals for specific purposes. They are as important as the two doubly/ triply essential fatty acids.

The body's cell and mitochondrial membranes

Given access to sufficient supply, the human body will always use pristine, vibrant triply essential fatty acids to maintain its cell and mitochondrial membranes rather than damaged, less vibrant doubly essential fatty acids or DFAs or even other types of fats - like trans fatty acids and homogenised fats.

Most (~95%) of the pristine, vibrant doubly or triply essential fatty acids eaten by humans are implanted directly into the body’s cell membranes and tissues, where they perform important functions (such as the oxygenation of cells and their mitochondria organelles. The remainder (~5%) are ‘derived’ into DFAs on
a ‘specific task as needed’ basis.

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