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A long and healthy life
The two triply essential fatty acids - The Peskin Hypothesis (2)

.../continued from 'The two triply essential fatty acids - The Peskin Hypothesis' (1)

Brian’s hypothesis briefly put is:

  • Before the boom in chemical farming, highly processed and cooked foods, most people received sufficient pristine, vibrant LA and ALA from their diet to meet most of the body’s needs. This is no longer so, and our health is almost certainly suffering. It is important to restore good levels of ‘triply essential’ LA and ALA into our daily diet
    as soon as possible
  • Key to a healthy body are healthily functioning cells (of which there are ~37 trillion in the body) containing healthily mitochondria (specialist energy-producing units of which there are sometimes thousands in a single cell)
  • Key to healthily functioning cells and mitochondria is a good level of oxygen within every cell and mitochondrion
(17625) Nick Anderson. Green Health Watch Magazine 23.7.2019

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