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A long and healthy life
The two triply essential fatty acids may reverse ageing (1)

The Peskin Hypothesis predicts that taking a daily dietary supplement of 2,900 milligrams of a pristine, vibrant linoleic acid (LA)/pristine, vibrant alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) mix with an LA/ALA ~2:1 ratio should restore the elasticity of artery walls ...

Master nutritional analyst Brian Peskin and interventional cardiologist David Sim conducted two prospective studies
to test this prediction.

The long-term prospective study

Thirty-four subjects were recruited across four years - 12 females and 22 males.

By the end of the four-year study:

  • the median age of the subjects had been 62 years (between 35 and 75 years)
  • the 'essential' fatty acid omega-6:omega-3 ~2:1 mix had been taken for a median 24 months (between 3 and 48 months)

At the end of the four-year study the subjects' arterial wall flexibility/stiffness was assessed by photoplethysmography and pulse wave velocity (see below). Arterial flexibility had:

  • improved in 25 of the 34 (73% of the) subjects (compared to US age arterial flexibility/stiffness averages)
  • become that more usually found in younger people (according to US average age artery wall elasticity records

The average improvement in flexibility was the equivalent of shedding an average 8.8 years of arterial ageing.

Just for the record, and pour encourager les autres, the arteries of the 'most successful' subject looked as if they had shed ~40 years artery wall ageing.

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(17623) Nick Anderson. Green Health Watch Magazine 27.2.2018

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