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A long and healthy life
The two triply essential fatty acids may reverse ageing (2)

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The short-term prospective study

Sixteen subjects were recruited across eight months - 9 females and 7 males. The elasticity of their artery walls was assessed.
By the end of the eight-month study:

  • the median age of the subjects had been 62 years (between 46 and 84 years)
  • the 'essential' fatty acid omega-6:omega-3 ~2:1 mix had been taken for a median two and a half months
    (between one and eight months)

At the end of the eight-month study the subjects' arterial wall flexibility/stiffness was assessed by photoplethysmography (see below). Arterial flexibility had:

  • been restored in seven of the sixteen (43% of the) subjects
  • become that more usually found in younger people (according to US age arterial flexibility/stiffness averages)

The average improvement in flexibility was the equivalent of shedding an average 7.2 years of arterial ageing.

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1. Aortic pulse wave analysis is not a surrogate for Central arterial pulse wave velocity. Gurovich,AN et al. Experimental biology and medicine (Maywood, NJ) 2009;234(11):1339-44 PMID 19657066
2.Association of time spent in physical activites and sedentary behaviors with carotid-femoral pulse wave velocity: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Germano-Soares,AH et al. Atherosclerosis 2018;Feb:211-18
3. Effects of yoga on arteral stiffness in elderly subjects with increased pulse pressure: a randomised, controlled study. Patil, SG et al. Complementary therapies in medicine 2015;23(4):562-6

(17623) Nick Anderson. Green Health Watch Magazine 27.2.2018

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