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The Aqua Vortex Liquid Energiser Kit (5)

Possible applications

Drinking water
Most people use their Aqua-Vortex™ to energise the water they drink. Many report that it makes it taste “softer” or “more like spring water”.

Brewing drinks
Many people fill their kettle with energised water before brewing a drink like tea or coffee (“making white coffee taste creamier” has often been reported). Other users experienced a greater effect when they poured the brewed drink in the tea or coffee pot through the Aqua Vortex into the cup/mug. But was it the energised water or, for those who put milk in their brewed drinks, was it the energised milk that made the difference?

Other water-based liquids
Many users routinely pour their water-based liquids (e.g. milk, fruit juice, fizzy drinks, beer, wine and spirits). Many report that it improves their taste. Users talk of (e.g.) “making wine taste smoother” or less cheap”. Did energising your other water-based drinks change their flavour or texture (for better or worse)? If you make your own yoghurt and cheese, for instance, did it taste better or mature more quickly when made with energised milk?

Animal detectives
Animals are often more sensitive than humans to subtle energies. Some very convincing research suggested that, when simultaneously offered (i) natural food and (ii) a genetically modified version, both mice and cows tended to go for the natural version. Several Aqua Vortex™ users have claimed to have detected similar with their pets. When simultaneously offered a bowl of energised tap water and a bowl of water straight from the tap, their cat or dog appeared to prefer the energised water.

Limescale deposits
Some users claim that energised water deposits less limescale in their kettle and steam iron. Others claim to have observed a descaling effect (i.e. the limescale deposits are somehow softened and broken down when regularly exposed to very hot energised water). Descaled kettles and steam irons come to the desired heat more quickly, saving you money and time, and are therefore better for the environment. Did your kettle or steam iron benefit from being filled only with energised water?

Some users claim to have detected stronger growth in both indoor and outdoor plants watered regularly with energised water. Others have claimed increased resistence to pests and diseases in their plants. Others have claimed that cut flowers lasted longer when placed in energised water! Did being watered with energised water change the growth, flowering and fruiting pattern of any of your plants? Did some improve, others not? Please print out the feedback form on page 10 and tell us your experience in this area.

N.B. When experimenting with with cut flowers remember to change the water every two days. As stated above, standing water appears to lose most of its energy within three days.

The energising effect of the Aqua Vortex™ does not appear to wear out and, made from food-grade stainless steel, the Aqua Vortex™ will not rust. Thus it has the potential of becoming a faithful, health-promoting companion for life. The funnel is another matter. Plastics harden and become brittle when exposed to the air. It may be that after 20 years you will need to buy a replacement. When you do, buy a glass, pyrex, stainless steel, silver or environmentally-sound polyethylene one.


Easy to use
The Aqua Vortex™ Liquid Energiser comes with a handy, size-to-fit environmentally-sound polyethylene funnel. Slip the device into the neck of the funnel and pour the water or water-based liquid down it. The energised water or water-based liquid is ready to drink straight away.
Liquids only need to be poured down the Aqua Vortex™ once in order to be re-energised. On the other hand, as stated above, water and water-based liquids held motionless for a few days appear to lose their energy and will benefit from another pour. Water and water-based liquids stored in cool, dark places appear to retain their energy slightly longer. That the Aqua Vortex™ does not cause the liquid to spiral or make a vortex as it passes through is not important. It appears that it is not the spiralling, but the passing through/passing close to the vortex shape that energises the liquid.
The Aqua Vortex™ is designed for the re-energisation of small quantities. We recommend using it only when you are ready to drink or cook with it. Some users, however, have told us that they always like to keep two large glass bottles of energised water in hand, but also make sure that the water is used within two days.

The funnel, by the way, is made from environmentally-sound polyethylene. It is PVC-free, heavy-metal-free, plasticiser-free and bisphenol A-free.

Easy care
As stated above, the Aqua Vortex™ Liquid Energiser is made from food-grade stainless steel and will not rust. There may be some discolouring, but this is normal and does not affect its energising power. An occasional sterilisation is advised for maximum hygiene by boiling in hot water or washing in the dishwasher. If you use your Aqua Vortex™ to energise liquids other than pure water, it should be cleaned after use by running some hot water through it. Should it look grubby even after attempts to clean it (unlikely), please replace for reasons of hygiene. If it becomes scaled up (highly unlikely), descale by soaking in vinegar for a few hours.


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When liquids are re-energised their taste changes subtly. People are more or less able to detect the change, but most agree that the re-energised water tastes softer, and more like spring water. All liquids benefit - water, tea, coffee, milk, fruit juices, beer, wine, spirits, even fizzy drinks. When Green Health Watch researchers tested the Aqua Vortex Energiser on cheap wine and white coffee, they all agreed that both tasted better! The wine tasted well, "not so cheap". The coffee tasted "creamier".

When making a pot of tea or coffee, pour the cold water you intend to use through the Energiser and let it stand for a few moments before putting it into the kettle. This will also allow some of the chlorine to evaporate off.

Water and vortices

Some testimonials

Reduces limescale deposits
Limescale build-up is noticeably less when using energised water in your kettle and steam-iron. Over time, the energised water also softens and erodes existing scale, leading to more efficient boiling and healthier hot water.

When watered with vortex-energised water, both indoor and outdoor plants, both indoor and outdoor, grow more strongly and are more resistent to pests and diseases. Even cut flowers last longer in living water!

Pet detectives
Animals are often more sensitive than humans to subtle energies. Several Energiser users have reported that, when they placed a bowl of vortex-energised water and a bowl of unenergised water side by side, their cat or dog went straight for the energised, living water.

Easy to use
The Aqua Vortex Energiser comes with a handy plastic funnel.

Easy care
The Aqua Vortex Energiser needs virtually no maintenance. There may be some discolouring, but this is normal and not a problem.

If the Aqua Vortex Energiser is used with liquids other than water, it should be cleaned after use by running some hot water through it. It should be sterilised occasionally by boiling in hot water or washing in the dishwasher. Should it look grubby even after attempts to clean (unlikely), please replace for reasons of hygiene. If it becomes scaled up (highly unlikely), de-scale by soaking in vinegar for a few hours.

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