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The Aqua Vortex Liquid Energiser Kit (4)

Electromagnetic pollution

People like homeopaths and dowsers who hold that water possesses (i) a life force, (ii) energies that vibrate and (iii) a form of memory that can hold data are concerned that these may be deadened by electromagnetic pollution from mobile phone and Wi-Fi emissions. Sadly, neither reverse osmosis nor even the finest water filters can do much about that. Perhaps the energising activity of the Aqua Vortex™ Liquid Energiser (no-one knows) counters this form of pollution in some way.Water micrograph before and after

Photo: Water molecules before and after AquaVortex

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When liquids are re-energised their taste changes subtly. People are more or less able to detect the change, but most agree that the re-energised water tastes softer, and more like spring water. All liquids benefit - water, tea, coffee, milk, fruit juices, beer, wine, spirits, even fizzy drinks. When Green Health Watch researchers tested the Aqua Vortex Energiser on cheap wine and white coffee, they all agreed that both tasted better! The wine tasted well, "not so cheap". The coffee tasted "creamier".

When making a pot of tea or coffee, pour the cold water you intend to use through the Energiser and let it stand for a few moments before putting it into the kettle. This will also allow some of the chlorine to evaporate off.

Water and vortices

Some testimonials

Reduces limescale deposits
Limescale build-up is noticeably less when using energised water in your kettle and steam-iron. Over time, the energised water also softens and erodes existing scale, leading to more efficient boiling and healthier hot water.

When watered with vortex-energised water, both indoor and outdoor plants, both indoor and outdoor, grow more strongly and are more resistent to pests and diseases. Even cut flowers last longer in living water!

Pet detectives
Animals are often more sensitive than humans to subtle energies. Several Energiser users have reported that, when they placed a bowl of vortex-energised water and a bowl of unenergised water side by side, their cat or dog went straight for the energised, living water.

Easy to use
The Aqua Vortex Energiser comes with a handy plastic funnel.

Easy care
The Aqua Vortex Energiser needs virtually no maintenance. There may be some discolouring, but this is normal and not a problem.

If the Aqua Vortex Energiser is used with liquids other than water, it should be cleaned after use by running some hot water through it. It should be sterilised occasionally by boiling in hot water or washing in the dishwasher. Should it look grubby even after attempts to clean (unlikely), please replace for reasons of hygiene. If it becomes scaled up (highly unlikely), de-scale by soaking in vinegar for a few hours.

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