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Pinhole Glasses


Pinhole Glasses - how to use

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Wear pinhole glasses for five minutes a day for the first few days, continuing to wear your normal glasses or contact lenses the rest of the time. Then build up to 15-20 minutes daily. As you get used to pinhole glasses you will find that the pinholes may seem to disappear and any initial multiple images will also diminish.

Long-sighted people
Long-sighted people can see objects well at a distance, but have trouble with near objects. You can improve your near sight by using pinhole glasses for close work, such as reading or computing. Do fifteen minutes (or more) reading a day while wearing pinhole glasses.

Short-sighted people
Short-sighted people can see near objects well but have difficulty seeing distant objects. You can improve your distant vision by using pinhole glasses when you need to focus on distant objects. Wear your pinhole glasses for fifteen minutes (or more) each day while watching TV or relaxing outside.

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Computer operators
Because pinhole glasses make focusing easier, normally-sighted people can use them to reduce VDU eyestrain. Pinhole glasses have also been found to considerably reduce headaches and stress in people who do a lot of close work or spend prolonged periods in front of computer screens.

Increasing exercise time gradually
If you experience aching of the eye muscles or headaches, do not worry, this is normal at first. Reduce your exercise period for a few days and build up your eye fitness gradually. You may increase the time spent wearing pinhole glasses to up to an hour or more, as comfort allows.

Use as sunglasses
Pinhole glasses can be used as sunglasses. Your thymus gland needs all of the wavelengths of light to operate properly. Pinhole glasses let through wavelengths of light that ordinary sunglasses cut out. PLEASE NOTE. In areas where there is a high risk of exposure to ultraviolet light (e.g. at high altitude) conventional sunglasses should be used.

BUY NOW One pair £15.00 + £4 UK p&p
BUY NOW Two pairs £25.00 + £4 UK p&p

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