OsteoTrace Bone Food - dosage and therapeutic course

A pot of OsteoTrace contains 90 tablets - one month's supply. The naturopathic doctor recommended three tablets a day (with a meal) while restoring boron levels and one tablet a day with a meal maintenance thereafter. He cautioned that, in cases of long-term boron deficiency, it can take up to three months to restore adequate levels. So his recommended doses were ...

  • therapeutic dose for adult humans - three tablets a day, taken with meals
  • maintenance dose for adult humans- one tablet a day, taken with a meal
  • therapeutic dose for adult non-human mammals - one tablet per 25 kilograms bodyweight a day, taken with meals
  • maintenance dose for adult non-human mammals - a third of a tablet per 25 kilograms bodyweight a day, taken with a meals

In countries with adequate levels of boron in the soil, like most parts of the UK, the US and Australia, eating good levels of fresh organic vegetables and fruit would provide 2-5 milligrams (mg) of boron a day. The way most of us now eat, and the synthetic chemical fertilisers most of our farmers use, means that the average intake in more industrially developed countries is 1-2mg a day. The chemical fertilisers make it more difficult for plants to take up the boron in the soil. We eat too many over-processed foods.

Adequate boron levels in the body are important to many body functions, but OsteoTrace has been developed particularly to promote healthy bones and joints. None of the sixteen nutrients in OsteoTrace should react with any medication or drug. They should all be present in the vegetables and fruit we eat.

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