Aqua Ball and Stain Remover Kit

Aqua Balls are an environmentally friendly, hypo-allergenic way of washing clothes: a healthy, non-toxic, chemical-free alternative to environment- and health-damaging detergent washing powders.

Each kit contains two Aqua Balls, two refill packs of pellets and a small tube of environmentally-friendly Code Wash stain remover (for particularly ingrained or resistent stains).

BUY NOW £15.00 + £4 UK p&p

Aqua Balls clean as well as detergents, but are cleaner and safer. They:

  • are kind to your skin, being free from any harsh chemical which could cause irritation
  • are safe for people prone to allergies, eczema
  • are gentle enough for washing babies' clothes and nappies
  • minimise colour fading
  • minimise damage to fibres, keeping your clothes looking better for longer
  • endow a fresh and natural jasmine and lemon fragrance to your clothes
  • are naturally anti-bacterial, killing both E-coli and Staphylococcus
  • do not produce static, making ironing easier
  • do not cause ’sludging’, increasing the life of your washing machine
  • are convenient - no more need to cart around bulky washing powders and liquids

How do Aqua Balls work?
The crystals and salts in Aqua Balls clean by releasing ionised oxygen, which increases the pH level of the water in your wash and activates the water’s molecules. The active water molecules penetrate deep into the fibres of your clothes, lifting dirt away without damaging the fabrics. Clothes are washed sparkling clean, fresh and soft without any of the nasty residues of harsh detergents.

BUY NOW £15.00 + £4 UK p&p

Please note that, because Aqua Balls do not contain bleaches, they will only make whites clean, not 'bright white'). But that's one of the reasons they are better for your health, and better for the environment!

Aqua Balls are cheaper

  • Each Aqua Ball is capable of doing up to 120 washes.
  • Aqua Balls are reusable - once you own an Aqua Ball you only need to buy refill pellets. This makes it even cheaper (6p a wash), which is less than a quarter of the price of commercial washing powders and liquids
  • Aqua Balls save water, electricity and time - the average wash uses approximately 20 gallons of water with a full rinse cycle. With an Aqua Ball you can shorten the rinse cycle, therefore shortening the wash time to 30 minutes
  • Aqua Balls soften water, saving money on extra fabric softener

Aqua Balls are Greener

  • The ionic crystals and salts in the pellets inside Aqua Balls dissolve easily in water and are highly biodegradable (unlike the chemical detergents currently polluting our streams, rivers and oceans)
  • Many scientists now believe that these detergents are at least partly responsible for the overall reduction in human fertility
  • As such, Aqua Balls are also ideal for houses with septic tanks.
  • Aqua Balls' minimal packaging reduces the pressure on landfill sites

BUY NOW £15.00 + £4 UK p&p

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Aqua Ball and Stain Remover Kit