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Lifeworks Mail Order
- our range of health-promoting products

YES Ultimate Essential Fatty Acids

- may restore elasticity of artery walls for a long and healthy life
- may protect against the development of cancer

- the two 'triply essential' fatty acids




OsteoTrace Bone and Body Food

- contains boron plus fifteen other nutrients essential to healthy bones 
and joints

- low levels of boron in the soil and water leads to raised levels of osteo/rheumatoid arthritis in the local populations

- McTimoney Chiropracter recommends OsteoTrace



Vitashine Vitamin D3

- an essential vitamin extracted
from lichen

- the only Vitamin D3/Cholecalciferol dietary supplement registered with
both the UK's Vegan Society
and Vegetarian Society




the Aqua Vortex Liquid Energiser kit






Marnoto flor de sal Sea Salt

- one of the best salts in the world




organic silicon

Happy Tummy charcoal

pinhole glasses

the Eton wind-up, solar-powered radio

Code Wash stain remover

The Water-powered clock

books, health-promoting

Health Watch Magazine subject briefings

The Aqua Vortex Liquid
Energiser Kit

The Aqua Vortex Liquid Energiser uses vortex energy to re-enliven water and other liquids. Pouring liquids through a vortex harnesses natural energies to re-enliven them, providing a powerful, health-giving drink. Comes with a handy plastic funnel.
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Vitamin D3 1,000 IU or 2,500 IU x 60 IU capsules

Taking a vitamin D supplement is essential if you live
in Northern Europe. There is no practical food alternative
to a vitamin D supplement. A vitamin D supplement makes
up for the absence of sufficiently strong sunlight
from September to April.

Adequate levels of vitamin D, specifically vitamin D3, are
essential to many body functions. This is why, taking all of
the latest research into account, for good health ...

  • Dr. John Cannell of The Vitamin D Council, recommends
    a daily supplement of 2,000 international units (iu) but takes
    3,000iu a day himself between September and April
  • Top vitamin D researcher Dr. Robert Heaney of Creighton
    University in Omaha (US) warns that around a fifth of the
    population may need more

The US Government states that 2,000iu a day is safe for all
adults (children - 1,000iu) in normal health to take without a
doctor’s supervision.

If you are buying vitamin D3 for your own personal use only
we recommend that you only buy one tub. The 200 x 1,000IU
tablets it contains are intended to provide a three month course
of 2,000IU a day. Vitamin D3 has a relatively short shelf life.


Vitamin D3 subject briefing

If you want to read more about vitamin D3 we offer the Green
Health Watch Magazine Subject Briefing about vitamin D:
75 short articles (34 A4 pages): overview; vitamin D3 as a
cost effective health solution; Government advice; safety;
supplements; more science; chemical pollution; children’s health;
autism; shaken baby syndrome; diet; breast cancer;
heart disease; cancer; bones; muscle pain; multiple sclerosis;
Parkinson’s disease; kidney stones; lifestyle
and vitamin D3; vaccination

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as a PDF - £7



































































































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