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Boron levels reduced by modern agriculture?

Epidemiological studies have linked low boron intakes to raised levels of arthritis (see Low boron higher arthritis). Soils around the world are naturally boron-rich or boron-poor but have questionnable modern agricultural methods made things worse?

  • A South African study found that, for people who ate mostly maize, arthritis rates were highest in those eating processed maize grown with fertilisers
  • In the USA boron levels in farm produce have dropped considerably during the last 50 years
  • In Australia the number of cases of musculo-skeletal diseases was found to be 50% lower in areas where there were high levels of boron in the soil and water compared to low-boron area

Ed.- The country with the highest arthritis incidence in the world, Jamaica, also had the lowest concentration of boron in the soil found in any country in the world. [1]

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[1[ Bentwich,Z et al. The Art of Getting Well: Boron and Arthritis. Foundation for the Eradication of Rheumatoid Disease: Fairview, TN, 1994.

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