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Boron improved brain function

Boron appears to have a positive effect on the brain and central nervous system. Inadequate boron intake can contribute to a lack of energy, ability to stay focused on tasks and mental alertness.

A class of medical students were given either a three milligram supplement of boron or a placebo daily for three months. At the end of the study both the students and their teacher were asked to predict which of them had been taking the boron supplement and which the placebo. The students' predictions were pretty accurate but the teacher got it right in 92% of cases!

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The likely explanation for these results was that inadequate boron intake lowered activity in regions of the brain associated with alertness. This has been shown experimentally in humans who were carefully monitored for changes using an electro-o-encephalogram (EEG) following boron supplementation. [1]

[1] Newnham,RE. Environmental Health Perspectives 1994;102(7): 83-85

(14110) Dr. Alexander G. Schauss