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Boron may protect against prostate cancer

Boron-rich diets had protected against prostate cancer, according to a 2004 study by Yan Cui and colleagues at UCLA's Department of Epidemiology. Knowing that ...

  • raised levels of circulating testosterone and estradiol (two major sex hormones) in the body have been proposed to modify prostate cancer risk and
  • boron has been linked to raised levels of circulating testosterone and estradiol

... researchers compared the boron intakes of 95 men with prostate cancer to those of 8,720 healthy controls. After controlling for other potential risk factors (age, race, education, smoking, body mass index, dietary caloric intake, and alcohol consumption) increased dietary boron intake correlated well with a decreased risk of prostate cancer. Those with the most boron in their food and drink had been half (49%) as likely to develop prostate cancer as those with the least.

Larger studies are required before firm conclusions can be drawn.

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(14106) Cui,Y et al.Oncology Reports 2004;11(4):887-92