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Boron - Rex sums it up
  • Boron is a safe and effective treatment for some forms of arthritis
  • Boron is an essential nutrient for healthy bones and joints
  • Further research into the use of boron for the treatment or prevention of arthritis is warranted

Dr. Rex Newnham drew these conclusions based on his use of a boron-based supplement to alleviate his own arthritic pain and discomfort and the findings from numerous epidemiological studies and controlled animal and human experiments. These findings included:

  • lower boron concentrations in the femur heads, bones and synovial fluid of people with arthritis
  • evidence that the bones of patients using boron supplements are much harder to cut
  • the estimated incidence of arthritis in areas of the world where boron intakes are usually one milligram or lower ranges from 20% to 70%, but from 0% to 10% in areas of the world where daily boron intakes are usually between three and ten milligrams
  • rats with induced arthritis benefit from boron supplementation
  • a double-blind placebo-boron supplementation trial involving 20 women with osteoarthritis. Half of the women receiving the supplement improved compared to only a tenth of the women receiving the placebo

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(14104) Newnham RE. Environmental Health Perspectives 1994;102:83-85