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Boron a safer HRT?

A small trial found that giving twelve postmenopausal women a daily boron supplement (3mg) for around seven weeks had reduced (i) total plasma concentration of calcium and (ii) urinary excretions of calcium and magnesium, while boosting levels of elevated the serum concentrations of the sex hormones 17 beta-estradiol and testosterone.

This suggested that boron might both protect against bone loss and be a natural and safer alternative to HRT.

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The second trial involved five men over the age of 45, four postmenopausal women, and five postmenopausal women on HRT on a low-magnesium diet marginally adequate in copper. In this case the three milligram boron supplement increased levels of erythrocyte superoxide dismutase, serum enzymatic ceruloplasmin and plasma copper.

The third trial was the same as the second, except that this time it was adequate in both magnesium and copper. The increases in plasma copper and serum 17 beta-estradiol concentrations achieved by HRT were reinforced by boron supplementation.

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