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Boron helped arthritic sheep

After many years of meticulous record-keeping, New Zealand's equivalent of Dr. Rex Newnham, Professor J.G. Penland demonstrated a direct correlation between boron levels in the plants the sheep in that country consumed, and the severity of osteoarthritis in those sheep. He later found the same correlation in humans.

This led to a series of experiments. Sheep suffering from arthritis and grazing on land depleted of boron were given boron supplements. The animals showed marked improvements in mobility. Interestingly, the researchers also found that the offspring of the sheep that had been given boron supplements had somehow acquired some protection from arthritis development in later life.

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Finally, research also inversely correlated soil boron and both sheep and human arthritis levels to rainfall. It appeared that the driest parts of New Zealand experienced far less leaching of boron out of the soil.

(14109) Dr. Alexander G. Schauss