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Children exposed to ultrasound, mobile phones, television/computers in the bedroom, oestrogens in drinking water, Mum's amalgam fillings, fast foods, more and more vaccines - it's a wonder they survive at all ...

Sample articles

Two minute mobile phone calls affected children’s brains for 50 minutes

Let them sweat. Fever protects against asthma and eczema

Cancer on the lawn. Garden pesticides quadrupled children’s cancer risk

Asthma linked to pesticides

Ultrasound damages babies

Calpol - you won’t believe what’s in it!

Puberty at ten? It could be the TV

Proof that watching TV increases food disorders in teenagers

Rickets returning in children

Raising breastmilk vitamin D3 levels

Don't microwave baby's breast milk

Chemicals leak into baby food

Amalgam fillings increase mercury body burden

Mercury in vaccinations increases risk of autism

Disposable nappy chemicals hazardous to babies

Effects of chemical pollution on child development

Early schooling damages children

Diet cured disruptive behaviour