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Magnetic bracelets - further proof

When sheep farmer Timothy Bealby became infected by the sheep disease ‘scabby mouth’ it turned into a form of arthritis called Stephen Johnson syndrome, affecting the whole right side of his body. The severe pain was kept under control with painkillers and anti-inflammatories but, having been warned that long term use might have side effects, Timothy eventually decided to try to cut down. The pain immediately returned, immobilising his right arm. It was only when Timothy tried wearing a magnetic wristband that he was able to reduce his medication without pain. After three weeks using both, he was able to reduce the levels of anti-inflammatories without increasing the pain, and has now cut them out altogether.

When five rural GP practices enrolled 194 men and women with osteoarthritis of the knee or hip into a 12-week test of magnetic bracelets, those wearing the standard strength bracelets reported greater pain relief than both those wearing weaker bracelets and those wearing dummy bracelets.

The testers’ subjective reports correlated well with the results of two objective pain measures. Many of the patients were able to reduce their use of painkillers.

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