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HPV cervical cancer link not proven

A team of researchers at the Royal Free Hospital in London is very doubtful of a link.[1] Having monitored 200 women for six years back in 1994, they discovered that:

  • the presence of HPV-16 virus (one of the HPV strains against which the new vaccine is supposed to protect) had not increased a woman’s likelihood of having cervical cancer (low grade or high grade)
  • women with low grade cervical cancer had been more likely to progress to high grade cervical cancer than virus-free women, but
  • the progression from low rate to high rate cervical cancer had occurred at the same rate whether HPV-16 was present or not

They recommended their colleagues to stop looking for viruses and to look instead for traces of cancer.

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[1] Downey,GP et al. Lancet. 1994;344(8929):1097

(13168) Nick Anderson. Green Health Watch 1.9.07