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What dangers if any do microwave ovens pose? Is it safe to stand near a microwave oven when it's on? Does microwave cooking introduce 'alien additives' into the food? What do microwave ovens do to our food?
Do microwave ovens cook food properly? Should breast milk, milk formula or even blood be warmed in a microwave oven? Should microwave ovens be used to sterilise things?

In the articles below you can read what we have found out ...

Microwave ovens - an overview

Microwave ovens tear food particles apart

Microwave ovens - health tips

Aliens in microwaved food

Extra additives in microwaved food

Microwaved food reduces immune system

Researchers appear to have had surprising difficulty in fairly comparing the effects of conventional cooking and microwave cooking. One sometimes wonders just how objective they have been ...

Microwaved beans firmer and, well, greener

Asparagus spears lost vitamin C

Microwaves decimate broccoli

Microwaving changed amio acids

Microwave cooking neuters garlic

Turn the microwave down a bit

Microwaving reduces cancer from meat

However, our current conclusion is that microwave ovens cook food too quickly. A microwave oven which took longer to cook food (but still quicker than conventional cooking) might even damage food (e.g. reduce vitamin levels) less than conventional cooking because it often cooks at a lower temperature.

Again however, there are also those 'alien additives', and issues of safety and inappropriate use ...

Microwaves - the consequences of uneven cooking

Food poisoning probably due to microwave cooking

Microwaving zaps milk vitamin

Microwaving depletes milk formula

Never warm breast milk in a microwave

Microwave cooking in plastic containers

Zap those kitchen bugs

Microwave ovens less good at sterilising meat

Until we have learnt how to use them safely in cooking, perhaps they are best employed nuking rubbish ...

Another good use for microwave ovens!

and, for interest ...

Microwave ovens - the Hans Hertel/William Kopp history


Books/briefings on (i) the dangers of mobile phones, cordless telephones and microwave ovens, (ii) EMF shielding