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Blood-brain barrier danger from mobile phone radiation

Direct damage to the brain by mobile phone radiation has been the focus of most media coverage. Another danger posed by a mobile phone is damage to the blood-brain barrier (BBB) through the long term low level microwave radiation it emits. This possibility is hotly contested even though:

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  • Dr. Allan Frey reported BBB leakage when the head was exposed to microwaves as far back as 1974

  • US Army researchers confirmed the finding in 1977

  • In 1992 Swedish researchers also confirmed the effect, and suggested that this could possibly lead to Alzheimer’s disease or other neurological diseases

Blood/eye barrier leakage could also occur, leading to cataracts or blindness. This may be the explanation for the blood clots and corneal ulcers found in the eyes of two Swedish mobile phone heavy users recently.

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Biological bands

The frequencies used typically by mobile phones appear to be in one of the more biologically significant bands.

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Links between microwaves at these frequencies and headaches have been documented across 20 years. Several studies have established that they can break down the blood-brain barrier (which controls what gets into the brain from the blood). Other experiments have discovered that the dopamine and opiate systems of the brain (part of the brain chemistry) can be affected by these frequencies.

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