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Sample articles

Vitamin D could prevent 600,000 deaths a year!

Low vitamin D levels kill 45,000 Americans every year

Vitamin D - how much do I need?

Vitamin D - How much sunlight?

Low vitamin D heart disease patients twice as likely to die

Vitamin D protected against heart disease

Vitamin D lengthened lives of prostate cancer patients

Test your D3 level!

Vitamin D protected against many cancers

Vitamn D, cancers and latitude

Vitamin D - no practical food souces

Vitamin D - the need to supplement

Canadian Cancer Society plugs vitamin D

Most new UK mums deficient in vitamin D

"Over half of all babies born vitamin D-deficient"

Vitamin D reduced babies' risk of type 1 diabetes

Rickets threatens UK kids

Could autism be caused by vitamin D deficiency?

Breasts produce vitamin D to fight off breast cancer

Vitamin D cut risk of developing breast cancer by a third

Vitamin D protected against lung cancer

How vitamin D protects against colon cancer

Vitamin D protects against ovarian cancer

D3 and calcium reduced risk of falls

D3 and calcium reduced risk of fractures

D3 protected against hip fracture

D3 helped body absorb calcium

D3 protected against rheumatoid arthritis

Back and muscle pain vitamin D3 deficiency?

D3 "may halve risk of developing MS"

Vitamin D Parkinson's patients "remarkable improvement"

Vitamin D kept brains sharper

Vitamin D protected against gum disease

Vitamin D protected against 'flu

Vitamin D could prevent and treat bird 'flu

Vitamin D and 'synthetic sunshine'

Sunbed boosted blood vitamin D levels

Vitamin D - the technical bit